Monday, 6 June 2016

[Food] How To Survive This Summer In The Kitchen

Karachi is hot. And not in a sexy way. It is hot, humid, sweaty and sometimes smelly. So here's a pro tip about how to survive this summer in the average Karachi kitchen... Just don't. That's right, avoid cooking altogether. Well, as much as possible. My mother is away all summer and feeding the family is on my to-do-list. Here's a few basic tips on how to avoid cooking this sumer:

1. Freeze: Make your own kababs. Shami kababs are hard work. I opted for mince based burger style kababs instead. Get creative - add your own concoction of herbs and spices, something to bind it all together and just grill. Cook them fully - about 2 minutes each side for chicken. Then just cool and freeze.

Add carbs to your creation if needed

2. Greens: Being lazier has been never healthier. Get a head of ice berg lettuce every couple of days to make your own salad mix. I usually grill a spiced chicken breast and keep it in the fridge to add to my salad.

My  Citrus Sumac Salad

3. Order In: No really. Just order in. But when ordering for the whole family, it can get a bit pricey and you have to think of preferences. And children. I found the FoodPanda app to be quite helpful in this regard. I usually order in when I am craving something specific like pizza or Chinese. FoodPanda actually turned out to be a great tool for budgeting and planning meals. I gave myself a budget of Rs 1000 for dinner per day to feed the four of us and then spent quite a bit of time scrolling through the menus and prices on the app. Not only was I able to feed the family on a budget but we also got to try lots of new restaurants that we would not usually visit. I was also able to order much earlier on for the food to be delivered at a specific time. So even if I forgot my responsibilities, Panda did not,


What did I order and how did it taste? Watch this space for indiviual reviews coming up. 

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