Friday, 17 June 2016

[Food] Ole Express

The new kid on the delivery block, Ole is out to impress! Ole Express is an incarnate of the restaurant of the same name that was once located on Zamzama. Being mom-less this Ramzan, I have resorted to ordering in rather frequently and I have to admit, this was one of the most seamless and effortless processes ever.

The food was delivered hot and fresh.  And no leaks! Packaging is so crucial to a food delivery business but not enough businesses pay attention to it. The pasta was double wrapped in cling film to avoid any leaks. Call me weird, but that impressed me! But, taste is king of course. Here's what I tasted and loved (or not).

These Chicken Strips turned out to be my favorite thing on the order. The chicken meat was flavorsome (I am guessing it was buttermilk marinated), the coating crisp and the dipping sauce was not over powering. And real French fries. A starter with a side dish - now that's generous!

My sisters picked the Peppery Fried Shrimps as the other starter. I do not eat sea food but they reported that these were possibly the best fried shrimps they had tried. My only issue is the quantity. Priced almost the same as the Chicken Strips and enough for only one person, as opposed to the chicken that could be shared by up to three people.

Pakistan's favorite pasta - Creamy Chicken Pasta - or some such thing. This rendition of the classic dish was rich but dry. I would have preferred a lighter but saucier sauce. Once again, the quantity is good for two.

The Stuffed Chicken with Tarragon Sauce proved to be the main event. Crispy exterior, moist interior and a sensational sauce to go with it. This was a 10 dish on all counts. Priced at Rs 610, this is a steal! Served with a generous side of fries (or mashed potatoes) and vegetables, this is also good for two.

Ole is a delivery service with class. Their menu is standard restaurant fare and can be served with the same finesse on your dining table. Whether you want to treat yourself or want to host a fancy dinner at home, get in touch with Ole. It would be interesting to see Ole venture into the catering side of things as well.

Will I be ordering from Ole again? Most definitely!

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