Tuesday, 21 June 2016

[Beauty] Wake Up For Make Up

One of the easiest ways to kill time in Ramzan (for me) is window shopping - books, clothes, make up, accessories - you name it and I have never been more interested before. Make up is a recent 'interest' of mine and no doubt, being a blogger has fed the beast. Beauty related events are now my favorite events to attend - makeovers, make up to play, girly fun and so much more!

Recently, myself and a few other more experienced (read extraordinary) beauty bloggers visited the Make Up City outlet in Dolmen City Mall. We were treated to make up goods from Sweet Touch and given a brief understanding of the business of make up.

Here's what I got from the Sweet Touch range:

 A set of three nail colors for the price of two. Pretty sweet deal. Love the summer colors.

This lip shine in peanut butter looks delicious but doesn't work for me. I prefer bright lip but I reckon it would work on top of a nice pink for that extra shine.

 I am really digging the middle swatch. That's 731 Matte. The Maroon lip liner also does well. 

However, what you need to remember are the on going promotions. My advice is to stock up on the make up the offer is still on.

SMS 'Make Up City' to 8833 and avail :
- 10% off across the entire range at the store
 - a staggering 50% off on all makeovers
- a loyalty card

Make Up City is expanding across the country - from big cities to small towns. Find them on Facebook to find a store near you.

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