Tuesday, 21 June 2016

[Food] Iftar At Lals

There is something lovely about Lals. Is it the soft green French windows? Or the enchanting rustic interiors? The minute I step into a Lals outlet, I want to stay and buy. Buying chocolates and desserts are easy decisions to make but choosing Lals as an Iftar destination is not always the first choice that comes to one's mind. By my own choice, or by family and friends' choice, I have been having Iftar at Lals for the last three years. Since last year, they have a introduced a more Middle Eastern-Mediterranean menu. It's light and easy but filling. A little bit of this, a little of that keeps your taste buds buzzing.

The menus at their Shahbaz and Dolmen Mall outlets are different. The DMC one being cheaper than Shahbaz.  My blogger buddy Umair Mirza and I tried the Iftar at Shahbaz. The deal includes an Iftar Platter to share, two main courses, a scoop of gelato and free flowing mint lemonade.

The Iftar Platter includes: Zaatir Croissant, Pita Bread, Spinach Fatayer with Chilli Oil, Falafel with Tahini, Margerita Pizza, Chana Chaat, Fruit Salad and Hummus. The winner in this platter is the pizza. The falafel left me unimpressed.

The main course choices include: Chicken Skewers on Greens, Spicy Mediterranean Chicken and Rice Bowl, Lasagna, Fish and Chips and seven sandwiches to choose from! I picked the Lasagna. When it arrived, I thought woah, this is tiny. But I guess I was just being greedy as I had to take it home. The Lasagna is made with ricotta cheese (as it should be) and a really rich ragu sauce. I did feel it was a bit dry though.

The absolute best thing on the menu was the mango gelato. It is absolutely stellar. I want to buy a tub!

The damage for all of the above is (with two main courses) is Rs 2300 plus tax. I would give the Lals Iftar experience a 4 out of 5 for the thoughtfulness that has gone into planning the menu. It is carefully curated to cater to the local palette while retaining the international flavors that we recognize Lals for.

Go to Lals for a cool, calm and delicious Iftar.

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