Wednesday, 27 May 2015

[Beauty]: Pond's White Beauty

I suppose this is the first time I have written about a so-called 'beauty' product. Firstly, because I am not considered a 'beauty' bloggers so brands/agencies tend to forget that I am also a woman who buys and uses their products and has a blog. Secondly, because I am never invited to those events. However, this time I did not have that excuse. Ponds is a brand I have been using on a daily basis, so when they reached out to me for their #InnerGlow Bloggers' Event, it was most awesome of them.

It was a beautifully put together event with a gorgeous spread of food (because that's very important too) and the flawlessly presented goody bags were the icing on the cake.

Need those pink cushions!

White Beauty Powah!

So pretty (and tasty)!

mmmmm .... freebies
So, after an evening of eating, tweeting and repeating, I came home with my package of Ponds White Beauty goodies to help me unleash my inner glow which was fast turning into grey grime in the sweltering summer. But I admit, I had a bit of a head start, as I was already using the face wash and day cream. So I took the Ponds 7 Day Journey and here's how it went down.

Day 1:  Being a teacher means that I have be to in the sun at the harshest time of the day and  that has clearly taken a toll on my skin. Damn, even my smile is a half smile!

Day 2: Quick beauty regime before I head out at 7 am! Ponds White Beauty Face Wash, pat dry and a peanut sized dollop of the day cream on my face and neck and I'm good to go.

Day 3: Not sure if I should be re-applying the day cream as I head out of school at 1 pm. The good thing is that is non-sticky and non-oily.

Day 4: Skin feels less oily and heavy. It's easier to clean and some of the sun blemishes seem lighter.

Day 5:  Forgot to apply my day cream before leaving the house. Luckily, I am now carrying it in my purse.

Day 6: It seems that my skin is doing much better this summer than any other summer before it.

Day 7: Back in my happy place. Skin seems to be regaining it's color and joy. 

 Here's the part about the Ponds White Beauty line - it's actually about bringing your skin back to it's original color and texture, not about being 'gori gori'. It is easily available and affordable. Karachi summers can be debilitating, don't let yourself look that way at least.  Check out Ponds on Twitter and Facebook for more information and some fun giveaway activities to unlock your inner glow!

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