Saturday, 23 May 2015

[Music] 5 World Music Picks Everyone Can Love

Cliched as it may sound, music really has no boundaries. It's good to move to a different beat now and then.

Souad Massi - Ilham

This Algerian song bird has captured my imagination ever since I discovered this song deep in the CityFM89 archives. She is a respite from the painted divas of Arab pop music and her music (much like her) is boho-folk-chic.

Ratu - Teman Tapi Mesra

This is a fun one! Super-hot-now-disbanded-girl-pop-duo from Indonesia, Ratu are singing about how to throw shade at a friend who wants to be more than just a friend. Yes, I understand Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia.

TTC - Travailler (Orgasmic Remix)

Everything sounds better in French! Especially when they are talking about not wanting to work and sleep instead. Sounds like me, every single day. 

Cheb Khaled - Cest La Vie

Cheb Khaled is back! Not so 'cheb' ie young anymore but still making fun French-Algerian-Rai music. In this one, he talks to an ex, explaining how he does not regret any time spent with her and all that jazz. 

Shahzad Adeel - Afghan Premier League Theme Song


I first heard this song in a football stadium in Kabul, during an Afghan Premier League quarter final game and it was absolutely electric! 

Got any more world music suggestions? Leave a link in the comments!

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