Saturday, 21 November 2015

[Men]: Hottest Boys Without Beards

And we use the term 'boys' very loosely here. Because these boys have more to offer than their bearded counterparts. They are smooth, suave and gorgeous in the honey on fresh cream way. Down right delicious!

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please add your own Boys Without Beards in the comments sections.

1. Daniel Craig
By far the most rugged Bond to date but still retaining the clean shaven look. This is how it's done gentlemen. He doesn't even care about the disportionate thickness of his lips... he's James Bond! But I suppose it is rare that such a man be born every 100 years or so.


Yes. Please explain why you think beards are manly

2. Hugh Jackman
Although Jackman is best known and visualized as the rather hirsute Wolverine, there is no doubt that shaving does him well.Singer, dancer, model husband, entrepreneur, Wolverine and full time stunner - he's the kind of man most men should grow up to be. 

Hottie Next Door
I dare you to look away
3. Aaron Aziz
Singapore's darling Aaron Aziz is always the good guy, never the bearded guy. However, the most strikingly beautiful aspect of Aaron Aziz is perfectly caramel skin which makes him damn near ageless. Malay men do not age it seems. But he really needs to work on a new pose for pictures.

Am I 23 or 43?

Dah makan?

4.  Arjun Rampal
In any list of any kind of hot men, Arjun Rampal WILL be there. Doing South Asia proud, he is a classic brown beauty. However, the one aspect of his personality that is ignored is his beardless avatar. 
India Shining

Professor Rampal
5. Michael Fassbender
While it is not easy to explain the cold appeal of Michael Fassbender, most of us who do have a taste for him understand how hot the steely cold stares are.

Hottest Grinch ever!

Honorable Mention: Tom Hiddleston

Because only Loki could make you fall in love in 20 seconds. 10 for me.

This blog post is partially inspired by the conversations about clean shaven vs bearded men at the premiere of the latest James Bond movie 'Spectre' hosted by Gillette Pakistan. Some of my friends even got their own Bond makeover. Check out the details here.

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