Saturday, 21 November 2015

[Event] Sweet Touch Bridal Shower

Remember when I could not stop Instagramming pictures from the Sweet Touch Bridal Shower for Sana Sultan? Yeah, I am still not over it. Everything was pretty in pink, so thoughtfully put together... not just a brand handing out their product for free... but making the experience all about the bride to be - giving her and her bridesmaids a complete makeover, presents, a beautiful venue and decor and so much more! It is this kind of engagement that builds a relationship with a brand.

It was a beautiful day at Orrery. The decor was detailed yet understated. The only thing more beautiful that day was the bride herself!

Makeover under the watchful eye of the Chief Bridesmaid


Presents for everyone! Yayy!

I wonder what kind of advice the bride really got *teehee*

Such a happy bridesmaid!

But first, lemme take a selfie

Is that Umair Mirza?

Isn't she lovely.

Blogstars - Amber and Umair

Too pretty to be touched!

Here's wishing Sana lots of love, joy, happiness, never putting on a pound regardless of how much cake she eats, always looking good and every shade of lipstick in the Sweet Touch collection!

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