Monday, 25 January 2016

[Food]: Eat For A Cause

Clearly, all of Karachi was at Karachi Eat this past weekend - going by the traffic, the number  of food related Instagram posts generated and amount of money spent in buying parking spots outside Frere Hall.

I have to admit that the event was much better managed this year. However, the festival still lacks  the kind of diversity a food festival in a city like Karachi should command. Where is the ethnic cuisine and the the international cuisine? Something for the organisers to think about perhaps,

Some outlets did experiment with their offerings - like the chocolate gol gappay and palak chat - but none of the experiments really stood out. However, Big Thick Burgers did get my attention via social media - they were offering free burgers to the street children of Karachi, one for every ten sold at Karachi Eat. A simple idea that I am surprised no one else thought of before! With all this food being consumed by the likes of us, we did not bother to consider feeding those who go hungry. And what a treat! A big, fat juicy burger from BTB!

Back to the food. So I am not a fan of burgers - they're simple creations that can go horribly wrong. But the sight of near perfect meat patties grilling on charcoal broke me.

I asked for a recommendation and was told to try The Texan. Beautiful, beautiful burger. The showstopper was the meat patty - juicy, perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of fat to lean meat mix. The entire menu was 40% off, so I'm not sure what the regular price of the meal was but this is by far the best meat I've had in a burger!

I believe a total of 180 'free burgers' were generated from the 3 days of spreading #BigThickSmiles at Karachi Eat. Why didn't we think of this before?? Here's hoping for more free burgers and a better life for our children.

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