Friday, 19 June 2015

[Men]: Hottest Muslim Men in Power

'Twas the night before Ramzan, and a young girl's fancies turned to .... politicians...
While traditionally not seen as a desirable lot, some politicians really stand out on the strength, power, credibility and honesty of their good looks. I am not very politically inclined, but when these men talk, I watch intently.

However, this list is by no means complete. In fact, it is far from it. I am sure there are many beautiful, powerful men I have been missing. Please feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below.

Let us begin.

Khawaja Asif, Minister for Defence and Water & Power, Pakistan

Hello ladies, can I get you some water and power?
First up, someone close to home (and heart) of course. Always sharply dressed with his grey hair perfectly in place, Khawaja Asif is the fabled Pakistani beauty of romance digests - with his perfect nose and coy smile (although it's rare). I find his angry old man avatar to be the most romantic. There were some serious feelings brewing as he scolded some members of the opposition in a recent parliamentary session. Even AR Rahman agrees! *cue Khwaja mere Khwaja*


Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister for Youth & Sports, Malaysia

Where are you going Mr, Minister?

Equipped with the signature Malay charm, Khairy has pulses racing across the nation and beyond. From a journalist to the federal minister for youth and sports, this outspoken Asian delight is best viewed in the traditional Baju Melayu outfit. Because real men wear pink skirts and still look hot!

Keeping it ethnic

Sediq Sediqi, Spokesman for Interior Ministry, Afghanistan.

That early grey
Regardless of the fact that every other man in Kabul is drop dead gorgeous, Sediq Sediqi is just special - with this affinity for pink shirts (that match this cheeks so well), contemporary hair cut from Kabul's finest barbershop and the ability to shake his what his mama gave him during an all male 'attan' dance. Even when he was spewing hate for Pakistan, inches away from me, I kept watching. Packaging is everything. And Sediq Sediqi is a coveted package for any ministry - good looking and gracious.

Talk to me baby, scream and shout....

Omar Abdullah, Former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, India

How does one say 'I love you' in Kashmiri

Now that's a Kashmir worth fighting for. That hair, that skin, those glasses - what a stunning man! Born to an English mother and Kashmiri father, Omar Abdullah deserves more pictorial evidence than the other men on this list. JUST LOOK AT HIM! India, you can keep Kashmir, just send Omar across.

Grey hair, charcoal suit, hearts on fire

Amagad! Shalwar Kameez!

Lead me oh Quaid

Once again, I urge you to add to this list of hot Muslim men in power. Ramzan Mubarak ladies and gents!


  1. Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The heir apparent to becoming the ruler of Dubai, He is doing government duties in Health and Education

    1. I definitely thought about him as well. Perhaps a different list for the monarchs.