Thursday, 19 February 2015

[Travel]: Marini's on 57, Kuala Lumpur

I know you may be a bit tired of me raving about everything Malaysian and particularly from Kuala Lumpur... but... it's my favorite city in the world. I make a trip there every year and the city keepsreinventing itself and there is always something new to do in Kuala Lumpur. My last trip to KL was over Christmas and New Year and my dear friend Hee Wei Han took me to a hip, new bar called Marini's on 57. 57 for 57th floor of the third tower of the Petronas Twin Towers. Well, technically the 'third' tower is not a part of the famed Petronas Twin Towers but it is an adjoining tower that is a part of the property.

But first, a selfie in Suria KLCC

Marini's is a restaurant and a bar that gives an unprecedented view of the Twin Towers. We went there on a whim so there was no way we could get a table at the restaurant on Christmas Night. So, as most disgruntled people do, we headed to the bar instead. And surprise, surprise... it was not as expensive as I would have imagined.  Besides, the view was nothing short of stunning.

But as luck would have it, KL decided to have one of it's signature down pours. I loved it but my gentleman friend was rather disappointed that I could savor the view for longer. I thought the rain made it quite brilliant.

The art deco furniture and neon lights make it a fun, young (but not too young, thank god) place to spend a splendid KL evening. The crowd consists of well-heeled locals, expats and tourists with cash to burn. The age group is definitely 28 and above. There are no Rihanna remixes but the DJ does spin some smooth electronic jazz and progresses on to house music. The music could have been better, but that's only because I am a better DJ. 

It's not straight forward getting to Marini's on 57, but then you have me on your side. Head to the Versace store in Suria KLCC and find the dedicated elevator right next to it. You will be personally escorted all the way to the bar. Dress well, not skanky! An average drink will cost you about RM 50. 

Would I go there again? Every single time I am in Kuala Lumpur!


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