Saturday, 14 February 2015

[Music]: Songs For Your Valentine

While Lady In Red, might be the most requested song of the night at the local hotel lobby/bar, please remember that there are better classic love songs out there. It is very often the simplest of lyrics and melodies that make for the greatest expressions of love.

1. The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

Wouldn't it be nice if all of us just believed in that. And all we ever wanted was love - untainted by jealousy, sex, money, contracts and labels. This is one of my favorite love songs of all time - simple lyrics with an even simpler melody, one that you can sing at the top of your lungs and not be afraid of sounding terrible. Because all you need is love! To hell with the haters!

2. Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

I'll take one of those for Valentine's Day

Tell me you watched that without being moved to tears. Okay, maybe that's just me. Taking the idea of the 'better half' up a notch to a partner who is but a mirror reflection of yourself and your desires; a relationship that lasts a life time; and JT dancing in a black suit sounds perfect to me. The song was released in 2013 and you might say it's not a classic. But, it will be! I already see it becoming a wedding and Valentine classic.  Consider this:

                                      You reflect in this heart of mine
                                        If you ever feel alone and
                                   The glare makes me hard to find

                                       Just know that I'm always
                                        Parallel on the other side

Yes. Justin.

3. Elton John - Your Song

Such a picture perfect family!

It's Sir Elton John and he's written YOUR song. This song should be the song of every financially strained young couple very much in love. It talks about buying a big house together (only if you had the money) but regardless of being poor, life is still wonderful being with you. Your Song is also about the process of song writing as a labor of love. Once again, simple lyrics combined with one of the most expressive voices of our time is I wonder if Elton sings this to David often because that would just MELT me...*sigh*

4. Elvis Presley/Andre Bocelli - Can't Help Falling In Love

The world's best wedding singer

Elvis really ensured that all of us have a wedding dance song to last an eternity. And for generations of artists and American Idol contestants to cover. This cover by the Italian tenor Andre Bocelli is especially wonderful because of the man's angelic voice, depth of expression and gorgeous gray hair. What I actually really love about this version is the performance video shot in Vegas. The people in the audience singing along are such a joy to watch and are a fantastic reminder of how disgustingly sweet it is to be in love, even if you are single....

5. Etta James - At Last

Because love can end well too sometimes! Etta James' At Last is a definite contender for the most popular wedding song. The song is about a girl's dream man finally becoming hers. And she is not ashamed to be over the moon about it! Incidentally, this was also the first song that President Obama and Mrs. Obama danced to after his big promotion. The song was performed by Beyonce and Ms James was rather unhappy about it. Such drama mamas these Americans!

This list it to inspire you and get your (creative) juices flowing. If there is a song that is on repeat in your head, comment below and share it with the rest of us too!

And if you still haven't done anything special for him/her this Valentine's Day, you can still make it up to them with this freebie from TCS Sentiments!

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