Wednesday, 24 September 2014

[Food]: The Magnum Pleasure Store, Karachi

A pleasure store - don't you just love the sound of that? One where you can indulge in all your fantasies without fear or guilt. But hold that thought, I'm talking of halal pleasures - namely rich, decadent, make-your-own Magnum bars! Affordable, legit, delicious pleasure!

The Magnum Pleasure Store in Karachi is only the 14th such store in the world where we can make our own Magnum bars from scratch - well almost from scratch. You start with choosing your Pleasure Maker ie one of the cuties behind the Magnum Pleasure bar to craft your Magnum. I do have a clear favorite Pleasure Maker and I will returning, only to him *sigh*  - anyways, on to the halal pleasures. You get to choose three toppings from a wide variety such as chilli flakes, blue poppy seeds, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, white chocolate, hazelnuts, pop corn and many more. You can be as experimental, colorful and creative as you want. Then you get to choose your Magnum bar - vanilla or chocolate and what you would like to coat it in - namely milk or dark chocolate. My first bar was a vanilla Magnum coated in milk chocolate and covered in chilli flakes, blue poppy seeds and hazelnuts. Don't feat the chilli flakes - they actually work really well with the sweet milk chocolate and gentle vanilla. It's a grown up Magnum bar!

Each bar is priced at Rs 250. A regular Magnum bar costs Rs 80. Is it a fair deal? I think so. It is more than 'just a Magnum' - the Magnum store lets you get creative with your food or rather it lets you play with your food. Personally for me, getting creative with food is always fun. I am a huge fan of cook-your-own-food places - hot pots, grill your own meat -  and the Magnum Pleasure Store lets me make my own ice-cream.

Although the store and the brand itself seems to be aimed at a hip, yuppie crowd - I can actually see myself talking my nephews and nieces (between the ages to 2 and 10) there quite often. The colors and the creative process involved is sure to be enjoyed by the kids and the parents can chill out on the comfy sofas around the store. However, the store does need more kid friendly seating.

Should you go to the Magnum Pleasure Store? Yes. Will I be going back? Most definitely - with the kids, my sisters and girl friends. What else would I like to see there? More experimental toppings, limited edition Magnum bar flavors, chocolate drinks, more seating and perhaps even a photo booth. Team Magnum... please consider...

Oh and here's my second bar... hazelnuts, dried cranberries and white chocolate chips on a chocolate bar covered in milk chocolate.

Warning: You will have to skip a meal for this Magnum indulgence.


  1. Always lovely to read your posts Sundus. Keep it up!
    Whenever I see Magnum I think of fat in it:/