Wednesday, 3 September 2014

[Tech]: The Stylish Lenovo S860 Smartphone

Nope, I did not get a new Lenovo laptop. But what I did get to review this weekend is the stylish new Lenovo smartphone - S860. I'm missing holding it already but *sigh* all good things must come to an end.

Lenovo launched a series of smartphones for all budgets last week in Karachi - the A series starting off with under Rs 10,000 and the S series that went up to Rs 36,500. But the company did not disclose the price of  the creme de la creme of the phones at the launch - theVibe Z2 Pro.

So here's how my weekend with the S860 went:

The Basics: 

5.3 inch screen, HD
Quadcore processor and 2GB RAM
Talk time of 43 hours on a 2G connection. (43 HOURS!!)
8 megapixel rear camera, 1.6 megapixel front camera
Dual Sim
Rs 36,500

Love It!

I love the big screen. Everything is clear and in my face. The phone is quick too and navigation is simple - and by simple I mean even my Dad could use it. It has interesting feature that let's you answer a call by simply raising your phone to your ear. The 'pocket' feature is also useful - the phone rings louder when in your pocket (or purse). And if your bag is as big and black as mine then this makes it much easier to find your phone. The ginormous battery lets you charge other devices from your phone. Is it a phone? Is it a power bank? It's the Lenovo S860!
The phone is also equipped with a series of Lenovo-only apps which let's you share and back up information across other Lenovo devices without needing an internet connection.

Not Too Sure...

For such a great looking and stylish phone, I would have preferred a better camera. Perhaps the phone is not for the average 'selfie' crowd - it's more for the professional who works on their phone and on the go with the extensive travelling kinda lifestyle or the hardcore gamer. ( I did appreciate the pre-loaded Green Farm 3 game). The phone is also a bit heavy.
It also has a non removable battery which makes me nervous.

The Verdict

Besides the fact that I cannot afford this phone, I really do think it is for a different kind of lifestyle. It is for those who are always on the go and use their phone A LOT and by a lot I don't mean 'always on Twitter'. It is for those who use their phone for work and entertainment (movies, games etc). Would I buy it? I don't think. I need another 5 years into my career before I will need such a long lasting and sturdy phone.

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