Saturday, 24 January 2015

[Travel]: Pakistan's First Online Travel Agency - Checkin,pk

I consider myself a bit of a travel on a budget expert. I do my research well, dig out offers and discounts and stretch my dollar as far as it can possibly go. My experience with travel agents has always been terrible - slow, expensive and condescending. However, this time I opted for a travel agency as I had very little time to go through my usual meticulous research and penny pinching.

After going through a couple of travel agents who were obviously trying to take for a ride - one even told me that even though I had booked and paid for the tickets now, they might need to charge me extra if the fares went up in December. I that even possible?

So finally, on a friend's recommendation I settled on  It's a pretty need website that let's you compare prices and hotels for a particular destination and date. To be honest, I am not one for a completely human-free payment experience, so I called them. I spoke to a lovely lady called Naureen who gets full marks for patience.

I can be an annoying customer - considering that I did know the destination like the back of my hand (Kuala Lumpur), I kept questioning and changing my mind. Yet, I was dealt with in a most courteous and kind manner. I even changed my flight dates a week before flying and Naureen was kind enough to find me a flight on my desired for no extra charge even though it was peak season!

Final Result: I saved a total of Rs 20,000 on airfare and hotel  for 2 adults and 1 child by booking through when compared to booking directly through the airline and hotel itself.

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