Wednesday, 24 August 2016

[Event]: Azadi Weekend!

I am not much a public celebration person. I tend to avoid going outdoors on festival days for several reasons:

1. It's hot
2. August is sticky and everyone is smelly
3. There's no lights to look at.

Yup, Karachi does not light up for Eid or 14th August the way it should. I suppose I am spoilt with celebrations having spent time in Malaysia (mostly in malls) where every festival is celebrated with such zest, fervour, decorations, promotions and sales! Luckily for me, Dolmen Mall exists.

It was lovely to see the atrium decked up in green and white, stalls selling patriotic T-shirts and badges, photobooths and just the general festive air that the space that to offer. Call me materialistic and missing the point of 'independence' but sales count!

So I put on my super duper patriotic Sonya Battla kurta and hit the mall not once but twice over the azadi weekend. It was also great for my Instagram following and I got to attend an InstaMeet! It was almost like a scavenger hunt and while I am a bit late to the InstaMeet party, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Who knew a trip to the mall would bring out the patriot in me? Dolmen Mall completes me. Those who know me well, know this well.

Here's to freedom! Freedom to live life to the fullest and spend our money any which way we like! Pakistan Zindabad!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Education for Kids: Parental and School Teaching

In the early year of a child’s up-bringing, education plays a great role. This means the contribution both at school from teachers and at home from parents. While both forms are important for the kids, maintaining balance between them is something that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

Kids these days end up spending a lot of time at schools which makes their teachers, friends and other students the primary source of learning. This plays a great role in shaping their personalities. While education at school is inclined towards academic and social up-bringing, the education at home solely focuses on the moral and ethical up-bringing of a child. Both parents and teachers play a vital role in shaping a child’s career, personality, decision making skills and abilities to function and adjust in the society.

Keeping that in mind, it is essential that a child gets, if not, perfect than a balanced mix of both in his or her growing years. Parents and teachers should always be aligned with the changes in the child’s behavior, the addition and subtractions to his or her daily requirements and how they are responsive to changes.
To ensure a balance, both parents and teachers should actively make an effort to engage the child in discussions, earning trusts and maintaining an overall environment. Kids these days learn so much from media and their surroundings, it’s the parents and teachers who have to build that sense of understanding for the kids to comprehend what they see, experience and learn.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

[Tech]: The Infinix Hot S

Patience is a virtue they say. And I really wish I had waited for the launch of the Infinix Hot S before buying a new phone. Fortunately for you, I was there and am happy to report that the Infinix Hot S could be your next phone upgrade.

The phone has a 8 MP front camera and can take a 120 degree selfie - basically you and your phupo's family can fit into that valima selfie.  The phone has a 5.2 inch HD display and a ginormous 3000mAH battery for all those afflicted by Pokemon Go, Cooking Fever or load shedding. It's a pretty sleek looking phone with a metallic body. It retails for about Rs 18,000.

But honestly, the most exciting part of the launch for me was winning the brand new noise cancelling ear phones by Infinix. They are bloody brilliant! And I have used ALOT of ear phones in my life - from Seinheisers to Beats to Bose to Pioneer ( I work in radio). And for Rs 3000, these Infinix babies are a steal. They work with Android and iPhones. The sound is crisp and clear. And the noise cancelling feature is fantastic. They come with a carry case so you don't ruin them by throwing them in your bag (the easiest way to destroy your ear phones).

The phone seems to be a good choice for those who live online. The ear phones are for the hardcore music fan. Load your phone with music. Plug in and let's go!