Tuesday, 2 August 2016

[Tech]: The Infinix Hot S

Patience is a virtue they say. And I really wish I had waited for the launch of the Infinix Hot S before buying a new phone. Fortunately for you, I was there and am happy to report that the Infinix Hot S could be your next phone upgrade.

The phone has a 8 MP front camera and can take a 120 degree selfie - basically you and your phupo's family can fit into that valima selfie.  The phone has a 5.2 inch HD display and a ginormous 3000mAH battery for all those afflicted by Pokemon Go, Cooking Fever or load shedding. It's a pretty sleek looking phone with a metallic body. It retails for about Rs 18,000.

But honestly, the most exciting part of the launch for me was winning the brand new noise cancelling ear phones by Infinix. They are bloody brilliant! And I have used ALOT of ear phones in my life - from Seinheisers to Beats to Bose to Pioneer ( I work in radio). And for Rs 3000, these Infinix babies are a steal. They work with Android and iPhones. The sound is crisp and clear. And the noise cancelling feature is fantastic. They come with a carry case so you don't ruin them by throwing them in your bag (the easiest way to destroy your ear phones).

The phone seems to be a good choice for those who live online. The ear phones are for the hardcore music fan. Load your phone with music. Plug in and let's go!