Thursday, 30 April 2015

[Home]: Interwood's Italian Kitchens

There's kitchens, and then there's Interwood kitchens. And with this new range of Italian kitchens designed by Italian architect Alfredio Zengiaro, the brand has outdone itself. But be warned, these kitchens are not for the average Pakistani - these babies cost an arm and a leg.  However, once I can afford a palatial mansion for myself, I will most definitely equip it with a Zengiaro kitchen.

There are 15 designs to choose from and each one can be customized to your tastes.You can also choose how much cabinetry and which appliances you want. The kitchens are locally  made of top of the range materials with the finest of Italian design.  What I liked most about these kitchens is the pops of color built into the design. 

The kitchens are big on storage space and offer a small dining space as well - perfect for small families. The one I really have my heart set on is the Sunset kitchen with it's bright yellow cabinetry. 

It seems like it will be some time before I can afford this kitchen. However, I did pick up some decor and organization tips for my own kitchen. There's some really need kitchen accessories, centerpieces and wall pieces that you can pick up for great value.

Until I find my prince in gold armor, I will continue to save money towards these kitchens. They are on display at the Interwood showroom at Ittehad.

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  1. Me as a mother and the boss of our kitchen wanted to have the best and cleanest kitchen as much as possible.