Friday, 12 January 2018

[Food] Karachi Eat 2018: The Predictions

It's all get a little overwhelming come Karachi Eat time. I make a plan of all the things I plan to eat, get there, get confused and eat the same things over and over again. I will probably do the same thing this year. But you can be better. Follow my plan.

1. Chapli Kebabs at National ka Pakistan

Good chapli kebabs are hard to find - the right mix of meat and fat, fried to a crisp with soft buttery naans. Tried these babies at Food Republic 2018 and loved them!

2. Ujala Cafe

Run by the differently talented children of the Ujala school and their friends, they will be serving cookies, brownies, hot chocolate shots and pizza fries. Be sure to drop, do some shots, take pictures and tell others about these wonderful young people.

3. 2 Guys 1 Grill

They have a donut burger. Enough said! Been watching this beauty on Carnival Eats and now she will be mine. Succulent beef patty in sweet glazed donuts. Like taste buds gone wild!

4. Yum by Amna 

The queen of dessert bars in Karachi, Amna is serving up  Brownie Fritters and Tres Leche French Toast. Let that sink in. It's gonna take a while and a long walk.

5. Khao Dosa

They say they have idli sambhar. But will it be good and tangy and soft and fluffy. I hope that's a more realistic claim than the terribly edited image.

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