Saturday, 23 December 2017

[Music] Songs To Warm You Up

As Karachi gets its so called winter, we see warmer menus, fashion and sometimes even conversations. It is also time to change your playlist and respect the season's wishes. This is just to warm you up, a little bit while you sip on your hot chocolate or mulled wine with a loved one or your imagination.

No, I won't stop loving you. Why should I?
For those of us in long distance relationships and wondering with each leaving if this is worth it. It is. If he/she doesn't agree make them listen to Phil Collins.

Khwab hu tum, tabeer bhi tum, khud se mera vaada bhi tum
Perhaps one of the sexiest Pakistani pop numbers ever produced, Jaana Jaana smells like a date in Islamabad in the 1990s. Still hot, right?

Golden Brown texture like sun, she lays me down with my mind, she runs.
It seems like The Stranglers are smitten by an 'exotic' woman from the warmer climes. Top of the Pops performance for nostalgia. 

Katmandu, I'll soon be seeing you and your strange, bewildering time will hold me down.
Cat Stevens encapsulates the unique air of Katmandu Valley. It is a place where you will lose your sense of time and place and find yourself slowing down to savour it's warmth and unexplained attraction.  Katmandu is an acquired taste that once you acquire is difficult to let go of.

Tumhay koi aur dekhay tu jalta hai dil, bari mushkilon se phir sambhalta hai dil
Kishore da brings the heat in this number. The lust, longing and love for one's lover is burning up my headphones.

'Cause nothing feels right like when you're holding on
WARNING: I will not be held responsible for whatever desires for snuggling and consequent activities may arise from listening to this.

Lemme know what happens, yeah?

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