Monday, 7 September 2015

[Event]: #MagnumParty15

Did someone say chocolate party? Yep, I am SO there! Lots of decadent chocolate to be consumed and worn was on display at the Magnum Chocolate Party - a high end, dress less to dress up, lots of celebrity spotting kinda affair.

The party showcased the luxury of the Belgian chocolate dessert with chocolate inspired fashion created by some of Pakistan's most creative fashion brands - Shehla Chatoor, Nomi Ansari, Republic by Omar Farooq, Elan by Khadija Shah and Maheen Karim. Fahad Husayn and Ali Xeeshan created chocolate inspired fashion installations for the event.

Frankly, even before the show started I was blown away by the decor. Just stunning! The chocolate displays, the runway, the bar, the ceiling centerpiece were right out of a high end night club.

But the highlight of the night remained the fashion. Brown, especially chocolate brown is not a color that is frequently seen on Pakistani/Asian runways. Let's face it, brown on brown does not really work. However, some of the pieces forced me to rethink  the color brown. However, I did feel that the designers could have been more creative with their 'chocolate' inspired fashion - after all chocolate isn't *just* brown. That said, the designers covered the Magnum brand on all counts - rich and decadent.

Of course, this was also a great time to take selfies because we all looked really good *teehee*

But check this - there was an automated selfie taking mirror at the event too! Yup, a mirror that took selfies for us without the awkward stretching. Hoping to see this at more events by Creative Chaos, That said, I still managed to mess it up.

Pro-tip for the next Magnum Party - keep your eyes open, phone charged and schedule empty. The fun and games will last for a while. Oh also, great grilled chicken sandwiches! 

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