Sunday, 25 December 2016

RIP my love, George

I am not sure what I should write about George Michael that could possibly explain what an influence he was on my life, or rather what he meant to me. From Last Christmas to Amazing - the crucifix earring and the stubble, the supermodels and the erotic music videos, George Michael defined pop culture,particularly fashion and sexuality for an entire generation. 

He was my first crush. He defined the kind of man I would look for and desire in the years to come. Rugged,older, broken,confident, damaged,sexy and intensely sexual. A man who could be both Father Figure and Fast Love(r). 

Imagine the disappointment of women when he was outed. Some how, that made him even more relatable.Not all of us are brave enough to 'come out'. He struggled with what was expected of him as a gay man. In fact, he once said his life had become tougher since the public declaration of his homosexuality. His big, fat Greek family was important to him and part of the reason for him staying in the closet was that. More than ever before, I loved George Michael for his emotional weakness and blatant sexual 'misdemeanour.'

He easily discarded earlier versions of himself with such rage.From Wham! to a solo artist, burning the infamous Faith jacket in Freedom 90, from straight to gay. He lived many lives in one. Yet, he remained true to his sound. You were more than the music to me. Thank you for being you. RIP George Michael.

Friday, 23 December 2016

[Travel] All I Want For Christmas Is.....


Yes, I confess I am a mall rat. Considering the climate we live in, a nice air-conditioned space with dining, entertainment and shopping options is the best place to even. And if you are travelling to the cooler regions, it's a good idea to get warmed up in a mall. Here's where I would rather be:

1. Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Year End Sale in Malaysia is a force of nature. The discounts are huge and the shoppers are fierce! Suria KLCC is one of my favorite destinations in KLCC and not just for the shopping. The dining options are endless (one of the best Nasi Ayam/Chicken Rice can be found at the Signatures Food Court on Level 2), a tropical park and a 12 screen cinema. Oh, and Aquaria KLCC, Petronas Art Gallery.... and so much more!

And Christmas really is the loveliest time of the year, even in the tropics. The Christmas decor is just stunning and the malls in KL really up their game every year. Check out Santa's workshop in the main Concourse at Suria KLCC this year. Also, don't forget to get your Tourist Privilege Card at the Concierge,

2. Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan

The greatest part about this one, it's home! Feels and smells like any international retail space should. The mall hosts fun activities from time to time but for a mall rat the best one is a nice, fat sale. This year's sale goes from 16th Dec to 1st Jan (I think it should be extended to include the next pay check).  For a list of the all discounts offered go here.  Besides the discounts there's Sunday brunch specials at the food court with live music, a Beauty Lounge and Kids Arena as well. And lots of activities for adults too, shop and win style. Because free stuff is always a winning feeling! They also have a bunch of online contests happening so do find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as well!

3.  VivoCity, Singapore

Not only is VivoCity Mall the gateway to Sentosa Island, it is a destination in it's own right. And come Christmas season, the sales and freebies alone demand that you spend an entire day there. In terms of dining, your options range from Burger King to Jamie's Italian. The mall also has a 300 m water front boardwalk, a rooftop amphitheatre and a water feature the size of four Olympic sized pools! Is this a mall or WHAT? This Christmas, there's 107 ft tall tree and similar sized discounts all across the mall.